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Though manatees and dugongs have a lot in common, they are different animals with distinct characteristics. Both dugongs and manatees are part of the same taxonomic order, Sirena. The word "siren" means mermaid in many languages, a nod to the animals' history of being mistaken for mermaids.

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Manatees are larger. When comparing the size of manatees and dugongs, manatees come out on top. Although they are similar in size, manatees have the potential to grow much larger than dugongs. Dugongs reach a maximum length of about nine feet, whereas manatees can grow up to an impressive thirteen feet in length.


Dugong vs. Manatee Lesson Summary Order Sirenia: Manatees & Dugongs Upon first glance, manatees and dugongs look almost identical. Both are quite round, grey, slow-moving herbivores that.

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Dugongs are smaller and even slimmer than manatees, while manatees tend to have a rounder, chunkier appearance. Dugongs have a downturned, longer snout than manatees have, while manatees have no incisors or molars and instead simply have cheek teeth.

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Evolution Dugongs are part of the Sirenia order of placental mammals which comprises modern "sea cows" ( manatees as well as dugongs) and their extinct relatives. Sirenia are the only extant herbivorous marine mammals and the only group of herbivorous mammals to have become completely aquatic.

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The 9 Key Differences Between Dugongs and Manatees Dugongs and Manatees: Size One of the most noticeable differences between a dugong vs manatee is their respective size. On average, manatees grow longer and heavier than dugongs, although individual dugongs can grow bigger than most manatees.

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Main Differences Between a Dugong and a Manatee Here are the top five main differences between a dugong and a manatee: Appearance: Dugongs and manatees are very similar in appearance, with no dorsal fins and snouts to feed on the ocean floor. Saying this, manatees have unique cervical vertebrae of only seven, whereas all other mammals have seven.

Dugong vs Manatee 9 Key Differences Explained AZ Animals

Another key difference between manatee and dugong is their teeth. They can be tricky to spot, but many dugongs have a pair of 'tusks' at the front of their mouths. The tusks are also referred to as overgrown upper incisors. Alongside their long trunks, the tusks add to the 'elephant-like' appearance of dugongs.

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Today, we'll compare the size, habitat, appearance, and behavior of a dugong vs. a manatee. Here are nine key differences between dugongs and manatees. Learn more. Dugongs vs. Manatees: Size. Dugong: Up to 13.32 feet, 551 to 2,240 pounds Manatee: Up to 15.1 feet, 800 to 3,913 pounds.

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Tusks and teeth: This is perhaps the most recognizable difference between these two animals; adult male dugongs have overgrown incisors sticking out from their mouths. These incisors resemble the tusks of an elephant, only smaller. Manatees, however, don't have these tusks at all. Their teeth are quite peculiar.

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Manatees and dugongs are related to each other and while they are very similar in appearance and behavior, there is one key difference - their tails. Manatees have paddle-shaped tails and dugongs have fluked tails, giving it a whale-like appearance.

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One major difference between dugongs and manatees is their habitat. Dugongs never leave saltwater. They spend their entire life in shallow, sheltered coastal areas such as bays and mangrove swamps. Manatees, on the other hand, can be found both in fresh and saltwater.

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Physical Differences While manatees and dugongs may look very similar, there are some key differences that make them distinguishable from each other. Two of the biggest differences are the tails and snouts of these two creatures. Manatees have a rounded, flat tail shaped like a paddle with only one lobe.

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Dugong vs. Manatee. Dugongs are easily distinguished from manatee species by their dolphin-like tail, whereas manatees have hind fins more similar to a seal or walrus. They also have other specific adaptations such as a down-turned snout that allow it to feed specifically on seagrass with its unique, peg-like molar teeth.

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"Manatees have round, paddle-like tails, while dugongs have fluke tails like whales. Manatees can grow longer and heavier than dugongs. They are referred to as sea cows because they use their strong, cleft upper lips to graze on sea grasses they uproot from the sea floor.

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Dugongs also have good hearing, but unlike manatees, their eyesight is very poor. Adult dugongs are usually around eight to ten feet in length. Where They Live Relative to their species name, manatees are found in specific parts of the world.

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