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from the margo medialis of the scapula. We wish to communicate our tech-nique of a longitudinal osteotomy of the margo medialis for improved refixa-tion of the muscles. Patients and Methods: 5 patients with subscapular and one patient with a subrhomboid benign tumor were operated using this on technique.


The scapula. Incisura scapulae Incisura scapulae Tuberculum infraglenoidale Tuberculum infraglenoidale Tuberculum supraglenoidale Tuberculum supraglenoidale Acromion Acromion Fossa subscapularis Fossa subscapularis Facies costalis; facies anterior Facies costalis; facies anterior Collum scapulae Collum scapulae Tuberculum infraglenoidale.

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Definition The medial border (vertebral border) is the longest of the three, and extends from the medial to the inferior angle. It is arched, intermediate in thickness between the superior and the axillary borders, and the portion of it above the spine forms an obtuse angle with the part below.

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The approach to remove subscapular tumours requires elevation of the scapula usually by detaching the rhomboid muscles from the margo medialis of the scapula [1] - [9]. As these muscles directly insert into the periosteum without tendons, stable refixation is rendered difficult, because sutures easily pull out of the muscle tissue.

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Margo medialis scapulae Margo medialis scapulae definition. To be filled in. Terms Medial part of scapula Margo medialis (Scapula) Vertebral border of scapula Medial border of scapula Binnenste rand van het schouderblad Margo medialis scapulae introductory description. To be filled in. Margo medialis scapulae Documents, webpages Images Videos

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Medial border (margo medialis) Lateral border (margo lateralis) Superior border (margo superior) Suprascapular notch (incisura scapulae) The scapula has three angles: The superior angle (angulus superior) Superior angle (angulus superior) The inferior angle (angulus inferior) Inferior angle (angulus inferior)

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Flächen Linkes Schulterblatt, Facies dorsalis 1 Fossa supraspinata, 2 Spina scapulae, 3 Fossa infraspinata, 4 Margo superior, 5 Angulus superior, 6 Margo medialis, 7 Angulus inferior, 8 Margo lateralis, 9 Angulus lateralis, 10 Acromion, 11 Processus coracoideus, 12 Ursprungsfläche des Musculus teres major, 13 Ursprungsfläche des Musculus teres minor Linkes Schulterblatt, Facies ventralis

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3.3 Margo medialis (vertebralis) 4 Winkel 4.1 Angulus superior 4.2 Angulus inferior 4.3 Angulus lateralis 5 Prominente Strukturen 5.1 Spina scapulae 5.2 Processus coracoideus 5.3 Acromion 5.4 Cavitas glenoidalis 6 Entwicklung 7 Funktion 8 Klinik 9 Podcast 10 Bildquelle Definition Die Scapula bildet den hinteren Teil des knöchernen Schultergürtels.

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A second window on the medial border of the scapula can be made to aid reduction and/or to augment stability. Small (2.0-2.7 mm) plates in a 90° configuration on the lateral border and, if required, on the medial border are used.. The medial incision and precedent reduction of the the margo medialis is made neutralizing the medial.

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Margo medialis scapulae. Margo lateralis scapulae. Angulus superior scapulae. Angulus inferior scapulae. Fossa infraspinata. Fossa supraspinata. Processus coracoideus. Uploaded by: rva Netherlands, Leiden - Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden University. Creator(s)/credit: Dr Eric Bauer, Biology professor.


Margo medialis scapulae | definition of margo medialis scapulae by Medical dictionary medial border of scapula (redirected from margo medialis scapulae) me·di·al bor·der of scap·u·la [TA] the edge of the scapula closest to the vertebral column, extending from superior angle to inferior angle.


The scapula is a thick, flat bone lying on the thoracic wall that provides an attachment for three groups of muscles: intrinsic, extrinsic, and stabilizing and rotating muscles. The intrinsic muscles of the scapula include the muscles of the rotator cuff —the subscapularis, teres minor, supraspinatus, and infraspinatus. [3]

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A margo medialis scapulae a lapocka (scapula) belső széle és a három közül a leghosszabb. Az angulus superior scapulae és az angulus inferior scapulae között található. Alakja ívelt, középen a legvastagabb és a felső vége tompa. Ennek a szélnek két pereme van: az anterior és a posterior perem. Az anterior részen musculus serratus anterior tapad.

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The scapula is only connected to other bones via the clavicle. Latin labels. Image retrieved from Anatomy Standard, page Scapula. Anatomical structures in item: Scapula. Facies posterior scapulae. Angulus superior scapulae. Margo superior scapulae. Fossa supraspinata.

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See: medial border of forearm, medial border of foot, medial border of humerus, medial border of kidney, medial border of scapula, medial border of suprarenal gland, medial border of tibia. Synonym (s): margo medialis [TA], medial margin Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012 Want to thank TFD for its existence?

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Scientific Basis Occlusion Occipital Bone Parietal Bones Scapula Scapula, or shoulder blade is fixated to the axial skeleton solely via clavicle. Motions of the shoulder blade, to a great extent, facilitate the movements of the upper arm. Scapula in situ. Posterior oblique view.

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