Moirang Phee The Traditional Outfit of Manipur

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee

Moirang Phee; Pochampally; Ponduru; Venkatagiri; Vidarbha; Saree blouses; Special series. Omnah Ornate; Pairings; Pantone 2022; Pantone 2021; Yardage; Home & Accessories. Art & decor; Cushion covers; Yardage;. Sarees and Malavika are synonymous, she operates under the name Omnah but is my saree guru. Having worn sarees since college days, I.

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee from Manipur

Moirang Phee is a textile fabric which has a specific design called the "MoirangPheejin" which is woven sequentially on both longitudinal edges of the fabric and oriented towards the center of the cloth, with cotton or silk threads. [1] It is a product which is protected under the GI registration and is made throughout the Indian state of Manipur.

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee

Presenting graceful and magnificent silk Moirang phees from our weavers in Manipur, these pastel beauties are sure to make you stand out in a crowd! Shop for.

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Cotton Moirang Phee Saree * Arrival and Stock Mix** Weave type: Moirangphee from Manipur. Type:100% Handwoven. Fabric:Pure Cotton. No blouse piece. Length:-5.5 meters. Width:- 45-46 Inch. Time taken to weave : 40-50 days by 2 skilled weavers. Washing tips:Dry clean.

Pure Silk Completely Handwoven Moirang Phee Saree (Rani Phi full handwoven pallu, temple

Handwoven GI tagged Moirang phee sarees are a delight to the eyes and comfortable cotton sarees! Presenting some pretty ones today! You can shop for these di.

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee

Showing all 12 results Shop Manipuri Moirang Phee, Traditional Skirt of Manipur Online at GiTAGGED | COD | Free Shipping | Easy Returns | Secure Checkout.

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee

Size Saree Length - 5 metres, Width - 112 cm (not including blouse material). Weight 340 grams (approximately).. Handloom Moirang Phee saree in pure handloom cotton, with traditional floral motifs, woven in the extra weft technique. Read More. Traditional Moirangphee Manipuri Pure Handloom Cotton Saree.

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee from Manipur

Buy Moirang Phee Phanek, Traditional Skirts of Manipur Online .One stop online destination for Manipuri Moirangphee handloom.. SAREES. Cotton 13; Eri Silk 27; Moirang Phee 0; Muga Silk 1; Mulberry/Assam Silk 50; Tussar Silk 1; MEKHLA. Cotton 15; Eri Silk 2; Muga Silk 1; Mulberry/Assam Silk 40; Nuni Silk 11; Tussar Silk 7;

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee

Sarees are sourced from Manipur. These are handloom jamdani sarees with temple border. 2 young girls weave these with many hours of labor over months.

Handwoven Moirang Phee Saree in Mulberry Silk Seerat

Moirang Phee on mulberry silk Our Moirang phee on mulberry saree is a handwoven piece of art from the traditional Manipur heirloom. Every community in the northeastern part of India has authentic and distinct designs and motifs that has been worn by the natives since time immemorial. Manipur is at the pinnacle for perfection in handwoven sarees.

Moirang Phee The Traditional Outfit of Manipur

Handwoven Moirang Phee Saree in Mulberry Silk ₹ 22,250.00 Out of stock SKU: SEMN00004 Category: Manipur Handloom Tags: Manipur Handloom, moirang phee, moirang phee mulberry silk saree, moirang phee silk saree, mulberry silk, potloi phiban, weaves of india Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee

The design of Moirang Phee is said to represent the thin and pointed teeth of Pakhangba, the pythonic god of Manipur mythology. The iconic motif is arranged in varying steps on the longitudinal border woven during the initial stage, has a sharp edge at the top and is woven sequentially so as to give an aesthetic look.

Pure Cotton Completely Handwoven Full Jaal Motif Moirang Phee Saree

Manipuri Handloom Sarees March 8, 2018 · **COTTON MOIRANG-PHEE SAREES It is perfect time now to shop for amazing Cotton Moirang-Phee Sarees from the state of Manipur. 100% Handwoven (Handloom) Width:-43" to 46" Length:-5.5 meters No Blouse +37

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June 17, 2017 · Cotton Moirang Phee Saree *** Arrival and Stock Mix** Weave type: Moirangphee from Manipur Type:100% Handwoven Fabric:Pure Cotton No blouse piece Length:-5.5 meters Width:- 45-46 Inch Time taken to weave : 40-50 days by 2 skilled weavers Washing tips:Dry clean Average lifespan:- *Wearing once in a month may last 8-12 years

Sohum Sutras Moirang Phee Saree in Mulberry silk

Manipuri Handloom Sarees, Imphal. 25,857 likes · 461 talking about this. One stop online destination for Manipuri Moirangphee handloom Exquisite fine.

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Moirang Phee Sort By: In Manipur it is the Meitei (Manipuri) women, rather than the men, who traditionally took up weaving as part of their domestic chores. The art is introduced to girls at a young age, but in some Meitei clans it is taken up extensively by married women, while in other clans it is practiced only by unmarried girls.

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