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Rivers Eridanos (mythology) (or Eridanus), a river in Greek mythology, somewhere in Central Europe, which was territory that Ancient Greeks knew only vaguely The Po River, according to Roman word usage Eridanos (Athens), a former river near Athens, now subterranean

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The river Eridanos (or Eridanus) is an imagined river of Greek mythology whose name has been adopted by paleogeographers to describe the real ice age river that ran in the bed of the Baltic Sea.. Mythic Eridanos is mentioned in ancient Greek writings as a river in northern Europe rich in amber.. Hesiod, in Theogony, calls it " deep-eddying Eridanos" in his list of rivers, the offspring of Tethys.

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Most popular names This name derives from the Latin "Ēridanus," borrowing from Ancient Greek "Ēridanós (Ἠρῐδᾰνός)," meaning "amber."

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Eridanus is one of the 48 Greek constellations, first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century CE. It is associated with the Greek myth of Phaëton and usually depicted as a river flowing from the waters poured by Aquarius. The constellation's name was was later used as a Latin name for the river Po in Italy.

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The link to the color Indigo raises the belief that Eridan name holders are in need to express themselves and be accepted by others. When too much of the color Indigo is around, spontaneous behaviours may be discouraged. Lucky numbers. The lucky numbers for the name Eridan are 1, 9, 14, 24 and 31.

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All about the name Eridan : Important figures, ideas of associated names as well as the evolution of births of babies bearing this name. First name Eridan : meaning, etymology, origin, celebration. Greek names; Mexican names; Boy names. length. Very short names; Short names; Medium names; Long names; Very long names; popularity. Rare names.

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The river Eridanos / əˈrɪdəˌnɒs / or Eridanus ( / əˈrɪdənəs /; Ancient Greek: Ἠριδανός) is a river in northern Europe mentioned in Greek mythology and historiography . Mythical stream Hesiod, in the Theogony, calls it "deep-eddying Eridanos" in his list of rivers, the offspring of the Titans Tethys and her brother-husband Oceanus. [1]

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Here is the list of first names which are an anagram of Eridan : Adenir, Adrien, Adrièn, Ádrien, Adrine, Andrei, Andréi, Andrie, Anedir, Anider, Ardeni, Ardine, Aridne, Daerin, Dainer, Daneri, Danier, Darein, Darien, Darine, Darnei, Denair, Denari, Denira, Derain, Derani, Derian, Derina, Dranie, Driane, Edinar, Ediran, Ednair, Edrian, Eindra, En.

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The name Eridanos means "Early Burnt" from the Greek words êri and danos. It was probably derived from the story of Phaethon --whose flaming body plunged into the river when he was struck from the chariot of the sun by the thunderbolt ot Zeus. PARENTS OKEANOS & TETHYS (Nonnus Dionysiaca 23.236) OFFSPRING

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Eridanos / əˈrɪdəˌnɒs / or Eridanus ( / əˈrɪdənəs /; Ancient Greek: Ἠριδανός) was a river in Athens mentioned in Greek mythology and historiography . Mythical stream Eridanus was the 'deep-swirling' river-god son of the Titans Oceanus and his sister-wife Tethys. [1]

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This article is about the mythological river. For the real rivers, see Eridanos (geology) or Eridanos (Athens). The river Eridanos (or Eridanus) is a river mentioned in Greek mythology. Virgil considered it one of the rivers of Hades in his Aeneid VI, 659. Hesiod, in Theogony, calls it "deep-eddying Eridanos" in his list of rivers, the offspring of Tethys. Herodotus (III, 115) points out.

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Eridanus or Eridanos, is a name given by geologists to a river which flowed where the Baltic Sea is now. In the Pleistocene era, the current Baltic Sea was the river basin of a river, currently named as Eridanos. It began in Lapland, and then flowed through the area of the modern-day Gulf of Bothnia and Baltic Sea to western Europe, where it.

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Eridanus. A river god, a son of Oceanus and Tethys, and father of Zeuxippe. 1 The name does not occur in Homer and the first writer who mentions it is Herodotus, 2 who declares the name to be barbarous and the invention of some poet. 3 Eridanus is called the king of rivers, and on its banks amber was found. 4 Some of Herodotus' contemporaries identified it with the Po River since this river is.

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Acamar, designated as Theta Eridani, is a binary system located at around 161 light-years away from us. It has an apparent magnitude of 3.2. The two stars forming the binary system is comprised out of Theta Eridani 1, and Theta Eridani 2. Theta Eridani 1 is of spectral class A4, being 145 times brighter than our Sun.

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